I’m a Kpop Musician and content creator. I created Allysse TV to give Kpop fans an insight on the K-pop world and what I think and know about South Korea!!!

Allysse Music Bio:

Allysse is a producer-singer-songwriter and a San Francisco native. Her favorite genres are K-pop, J-pop, R&B, and EDM. She’s performed in South Korea and across California. Her greatest achievements was when she won “Best Vocal” for the Big Bang Global Cover Contest, signed briefly to a small K-pop label in Korea, and placed 3rd for the Preliminary round in San Francisco for the 2015 SF K-pop festival for the K-pop World Festival. She’s performed at the 2014 KCON in Los Angeles, was part of their “My Journey to K-pop Stardom” panel, she got to sing for K-pop stars Eric Nam, San-E, and Sanchez from Phantom on Arirang Tv’s Afterschool Club, was a finalist for CJ E&M’s Miss Korea 2 and a semi-finalist for Koreaboo Cube Entertainment audition. She’s released two full R&B Pop CD’s but never a K-pop mini album. Right now, Allysse is working on her 1st mini album which will include original K-pop and English songs. Stay tuned, more details to come!

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