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Allysse TV was created to give K-pop fans an insight on the K-pop world and what life is like for a K-pop artist.

Allysse Music Bio:

Allysse is a K-pop producer-singer-songwriter-mentor from Northern California. She’s the 1st non asian kpop artist to be signed to a kpop company. Her favorite genres are K-pop, J-pop, R&B, and EDM. She’s performed at KCON, varies locations in California, San Francisco, New York, and Seoul. Her greatest achievements was when she won “Best Vocal” for the Big Bang Global Cover Contest, signed briefly to a small K-pop label in Korea, and placed 3rd for the Preliminary round in San Francisco for the 2015 SF K-pop festival for the K-pop World Festival. She was also part of KCON’s “My Journey to K-pop Stardom” panel, sang for K-pop stars Eric Nam, San-E, and Sanchez on Arirang TV, was a finalist for CJ E&M’s Miss Korea 2, and a semi-finalist for Koreaboo Cube Entertainment audition. She’s released two full R&B Pop CD’s and is working on her 1st mini album which will include original K-pop and English songs.

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