Want to be a K-pop idol? Get expert advice and tips on how to get noticed in the K-pop industry. I can help you build your own K-pop fandom in 90 days or less. It’s time to invest into your K-pop career, and I’d like to help you take that next step. Having the right K-pop expert, eliminates frustration and gets you closer to reaching your dreams. Space is limited so make sure to claim your spot today! Once my list is full, I won’t be able to take on anymore students and clients.

Services I provide:

      • K-pop coaching for auditions
      • K-pop audition video and demo reviews
      • Review your social medias to let you know what you need to do to get a boost
      • How to get noticed in the K-pop industry
      • Advice and provide strategies you need to apply to your K-pop game


Other services I provide: (*ask for a quote➑️⬅️)

    • Original lyrics for your next project
    • A K-pop Cover Instrumental
    • Vocal melody for your song
    • Singing lessons for English or Korean songs
    • Lyric writing reviews and co-writing
    • Music production for your projects





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