Want to be a K-pop idol? Get expert advice and tips on how to get noticed in the K-pop industry. I can give you tips on how to get signed to a kpop company and also how to build your own K-pop fandom in 90 days or less. It’s time to invest into your K-pop career, and I’d like to help you take that next step. Having the right K-pop expert, eliminates frustration and gets you closer to reaching your dreams. Space is limited so make sure to claim your spot today! Once my list is full, I won’t be able to take on anymore students and clients.

This service is for serious individuals who want to take action and put their K-pop dream to work. Allysse is sharing what has worked for her and her clients. To get results, you must use her tips and put in the time and work. If you are NOT up for the hard work that it takes to get results, this is not the service for you.

*No free consultations available.


Services I provide:

      • How to get signed to a K-pop company
      • K-pop coaching for auditions
      • K-pop audition video and demo consulting
      • Review your social medias to let you know what you need to do to get a boost
      • How to get noticed in the K-pop industry
      • Advice and provide strategies you need to apply to your K-pop game
“I am now in…. Entertainment thank you so much for all your ideas and stuff I love u” -Anonymous K-pop Trainee”I have been using your tips and my channel has been growing pretty fast recently” -Anonymous Client

For a flat rate quote, connect with me at:



Other services I provide: (*ask for a quote➑️⬅️)

    • Original lyrics for your next project
    • A K-pop Cover Instrumental
    • Vocal melody for your song
    • Singing lessons for English or Korean songs
    • Lyric writing reviews and co-writing
    • Music production for your projects

2 thoughts on “KPOP MENTOR

  1. May I ask how to fully submit, I have been watching your videos for years and I have so much to ask you personally because I see you as a role model. I look up to you so very much and appreciate your being. Thank you so much, I wish to be able to work with you and attend your classes


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