A fellow Aki on my Instagram contacted me about a video they wanted me to watch. I never heard of Jun Lee or the type of content that he made. Apparently he’s profiting off of black people by making content that according to him, educate Koreans about Black people and black culture. He doesn’t have Korean subtitles in his videos, nor does he speak Korean with English subtitles educating a Korean audience as he claimed to want to do. Also involved in this situation is a woman named Shayla. She went by Shay in his videos. I saw the live stream they did after recording my video. Disturbing stuff I saw that no woman should go through at all from anyone. I can’t believe he actually said “I’ll watch it later” which he was referring to the almost up skirt footage of Shay on his livestream smh. Not only that but he kept on trying to get her to stay the night with him, like WHAT? There were moments in that 2 hour livesteam that made me sick 😷. I speak about the allegations against Jun Lee, drama with Shayla and speak briefly about the instagram live with Jun Lee and Chli Got Seoul. The videos I was able to see online of the problematic Jun Lee were from: Chli Got Seoul, Shayla, and Maleea and Jae. β€” Subscribe, hit the πŸ”” that says “All”, and come back every Friday, so you never miss a video. *This video is not sponsored*

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