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TOP 10 MELON CHARTS WEEK 5 of May 2015 Afreeca TV with Allysse

In case you missed my live stream from Afreeca TV last week!!
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WEEK 5 OF MAY 2015
#10 : Beautiful Day- 이정 J-Lee & 하동균 Ha Dong Qn
#09 : Ah Yeah- Exid
#08 : 동네술집 (Town Bar)- HuhGak (허각), Jung In (정인)
#07 : View- Shinee
#06 : Me You- San E feat. Baek Yerin(백예린) Of 15&)
#05 : 로꼬, 유주- 우연히 봄(Spring Is Gone by chance OST from Girl Who Sees Smell(냄새를 보는 소녀)
#04 : Bae Bae- BigBang
#03 : 마음- IU (아이유)
#02 : Loser- BigBang
#01 : Eat (꺼내 먹어요) Zion.T

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