KPOP IDOL STAR TIPS: Botox & Plastic Surgery? What You Should Know Before Signing to a K-pop Label

LIKE, SHARE, and COMMENT on this informative video about what you should know about the K-pop industry before you sign that contract. I know about the music industry in general and I was once signed to a small K-pop label in Seoul Gangnam Korea. So you wanna be a K-pop Idol Star? Well here are some tips and things you should think about and consider before taking the plunge. In the end, it’s all up to you in what you decide and want. I’m just passing along what I know.

#1) Company
What’s their history? What acts do they have already? What genre of music do they do?

#2) Living Arrangements
Where will you be living? Any roommates?

#3) Contract
Know what you’re signing and know how long the contract is.

#4) Long hours in the Studio
Whether it’s dancing, singing, or recording music, expect long hours in the studio and rehearsals.

#5) Learn Korean & the Korean Culture
If you are not into learning the language or culture, then kpop probably won’t be for you.

#6) No Dating Life
There won’t be much time for dating and it may even be in your contract. Be prepared to stay single for a good awhile.

#7) Homesickness
It might be hard to live away from home, especially if it’s your first time. You won’t see your family and friends physically. Skype or online chatting will be your only option. It may take years before you have the time to visit them. Be prepared to live on your own in a foreign land.

#8) Rich Overnight?
You’re not going to get rich overnight. The big companies invest tons of money in their acts. Expect to wait for your profit.

#9) Do you like Korean food?
If you love Korean food, then you’ll be in luck. There’s tons of Korean restaurants to choose from. If not, there’s other options out there for you. If you miss your home country food, try going to the supermarkets, convenience stores, or try to find a restaurant that makes your favorite cuisine.

#10) Botox & Plastic Surgery
Would you get plastic surgery or botox if a Kpop company asked you to or wanted you to?


Keep watching for more helpful tips!!


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