Kpop Hair Style Temporary Color Mousse BTZ Beyond the Zone Tutorial/ 셀프 헤어 튜토리얼

Today I’m going to show you this simple drip free color mousse K-pop star hair tutorial.

Step 1
First, get two rubber bands. And dont forget to wear an old short.Tie your hair in two sections.

Step 2
Next get your gloves and put them on. I’m going to be using Beyond the zone Color Mousse in Magenta mayhem. Shake the can up really good. Now spray the mousse into your palm.

Step 3
Apply color mousse evenly to dry hair and make sure you apply enough. You can comb through the hair for more even distribution.

Step 4
Get your blow dryer. After you’re done applying mousse to your hair, go ahead blow dry each section on the medium heat setting. If the setting is higher than medium, it’ll burn your fingers so be careful. Once yourrr hair is dry, take out the rubberbands. Your hair where the mousse was applied will be stiff. I don’t suggest using a brush or comb just yet.
Carefully run your fingers through your hair or you can skip this step.

Step 5
After my hair is dry, I like to apply hair oil to get rid of the mousse stiffness.

Step 6
After that, you can curl or flat iron your ends. I have naturally curly hair so I usually flat iron my ends after this process.

엘리스 따라오세요.

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