Winner of Best Vocal: Allysse Bigbang Global Cover Contest

I’d like to thank everyone that voted for my video ^_^. I appreciate all of your support. Have to thank BIGBANG & YG as well ^^. I feel honored to have won for BEST VOCAL.
안녕하세요. I’m Allysse from the USA. I’ve been a fan of Bigbang since day one. I would really love to meet them. They were my 1st Kpop group I listened to. This is my favorite song from them. I’m in love with it.
VIP’s rise up and support a fellow VIP.
This is a VIP Remix I made and created.
I hope you Bigbang VIP’s like it.

Allysse BIGBANG FIGHTING!!!!! ^_^

엘리스 따라오세요.

Wanna learn more about Allysse?

▶Allysse TW :
▶Allysse FB :
▶Allysse IG :


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