ALLYSSE: Aimee Lee Lucas Dance Workshop Taeyang Ringa Linga Practice & Warm Ups

I had so much fun at the Aimee Lee Lucas dance workshop at the UC Berkeley campus. She is super nice. So glad I got to meet her. Wish I could of spoken with her after words. She’s really talented and I’ve been wanting to meet her for awhile ^^. I want to go to more dance workshops now lol. What a night!! There was a follow the leader type of practice session and I had fun with my freestyle hehehe. Got to meet a dancer named Cass teaching the class some k-pop moves. He was also a finalist for the 2012 Fantastic Baby Dance cover!! He was pretty dope too. I also go to wear the official Bigbang jacket Taeyang wore and threw off stage from last year’s show. OMG!!! That jacket was ssooooo beautiful. Lol.

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